Polskie Towarzystwo Tribologiczne

Prof. Czesław KAJDAS (1932-2017)

Professor Czesław Kajdas, has made very significant contributions to science, technology, and education in tribology along with an important organisational work aiming at the enhancement of tribology achievements in Poland, USA, Japan, China, and Vietnam. He is also well respected at an international level in Europe, especially in Austria and Germany. His involvement in the tribology research ranged from lubricants, tribological eco-friendly additives, and the development of specific tribometers, tribopolymerization, triboemission, and tribocatalysis.

It is not possible to describe his papers, presentations, and patents on lubrication and tribology. He published more than 60 scientific publications in peer reviewed international journals (e.g., Wear, ASLE Trans., Tribology Trans., Tribology Letters, Tribology International, The Journal of Tribology) and presented over 50 papers to international conferences around the world.

Professor Czeslaw Kajdas was an outstanding scientist and teacher, an educator of many generations of academic youth and academic staff, an expert in oil chemistry and technology, petroleum chemistry, tribology and tribochemistry, and the author of numerous patents and publications.

Professor Kajdas was a member of many scientific organizations and program councils of magazines. He was awarded many times for his achievements by the highest national awards, and appreciated in the international scientific environment.


The Management Board of the Polish Society of Tribology and Editorial Board of TRIBOLOGIA say goodbye to Professor Kajdas and express its great regret at his death. He will remain in our memory as a right, open and helpful man.


2017-05-30 | Remigiusz Michalczewski
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